Young pilot looked for ´meaning´
in back streets of South America

Here´s what she found.
(Kemper is now in her second year at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
Hello, my name is Kemper. After graduating from high school, I was not ready for university yet, and decided to take a year off. I wanted to find something to do that had meaning, go where I would be needed and be where I could make a difference. What I was lucky enough to find after three flights and an eight-hour bus ride into the deserts of Trujillo, were the children of Bruce Peru. I arrived in August of 2005 and left for home in March of 2006. During this time, not only did I become fluent in Spanish, but I also witnessed firsthand the wonderful work Bruce Peru does. In my time at Bruce Peru I worked with over 30 children in helping them to enroll in regular school.
I'm relaying this story so that anyone reading it will understand that Bruce Peru is a real charity providing a real service. Everyone affiliated with Bruce Peru lives in primitive conditions, and every penny received goes towards helping the children. I know this because I was there and I am urging you to contribute because I believe in this cause. I believe in Bruce Peru so much that I am conducting a car wash April 14, 2007 at the McDonald's on 3802 S. Clyde Morris Blvd. in Port Orange, FL 32129. I am also lending my name to this website and I am also planning on working for Bruce Peru again this summer in Panama.
· Bruce Peru has entered 2000 street children into national schools
· They have opened 40 schools and are expanding into 6 other countries
· $150 dollars gets a child into school for one year (this pays for everything) - ie. The same cost as 10
... pizzas with everything
· $27 dollars buys them lunch for a year - ie. The cost of a movie and a snack for two
· $19 dollars buys them school supplies for a year - ie. The same cost as half a tank of gas
· $17 dollars pays for medical attention and clothes for one year - ie. The cost of less than half a month
...of cable
Donating to this site is completely secure. Any donation you make will make a difference. If know someone who might be interested in donating, please help out by forwarding this site.

What is Bruce Peru NGO?
Bruce Peru is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that sends volunteers out into the streets of third world Latin American countries and finds abandoned and neglected children. Bruce Peru operates in third world countries where children have to pay for the opportunity to get an education. Without Bruce Peru paving the way, these children would never have the opportunity to learn to read and write and have a chance of escaping poverty. For these children, literacy is the only way out of a life of begging, stealing, life-endangering manual labor, drug trade and prostitution. Once a Bruce Peru volunteer earns the trust of a child and their family (if they have one), they bring them to a Bruce Peru facility. There the children are introduced to fundamental reading, writing, and math skills. Bruce Peru provides them clothing and shoes, links them to any available social services, provides them medical care, and gives them lunch every day they come to school, which is often their only meal of the day. Once the children have been brought up to grade level, Bruce Peru enrolls the child into regular school, pays for their tuition, provides them with a uniform, does follow up checks to make sure they are attending school and doing well.
Bruce Peru is listed with the United Nations
It is a subgroup of Agenda SOS International, Inc.501(c)3
Tax ID #52-2005966
Money donated on this site goes directly to Bruce Peru NGO. This money is not used for my volunteer fees.
Bruce Peru also has a pregnant adolescents program. This program reaches out to pregnant girls from 11 to 17 whom have been molested (usually cases of incest) and works on getting them medical and psychological care as well as helping them to become functional in society again.

Bruce Organisation is always looking for people to come and help them in their mission. You can go to any of their facilities to volunteer. The only cost to you is your plane ticket to your destination and a nominal fee for room and board. You are also free to travel on weekends or even take an occasional week off to explore South America. (I myself chose the Bolivian Rainforest) You have input as to the work you're assigned to do and you are free to choose the amount of time you want to stay. You have unlimited opportunity to be exposed to the people and the culture of the country of your choice. Bruce Peru will also provide free Spanish lessons. In addition to a life changing experience, you also get to meet and get to know other volunteers, just like yourself, from all over the world. At the end of the day, what you get in return, is not only a chance of becoming fluent in Spanish for less than the cost of a year at a community college, but an opportunity of unparallel adventure VOLUNTEERING.
If you have more questions just go to the website below: Click on the drop down tab on the top right hand
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