History of Pedro Guerra Garcia

Some of you who joined us at last year´s Christmas party will surely remember the happy, humble little boy who exclaimed, "Is all this for me" when the waiter placed his Christmas lunch on the table, and who couldn not see well enough to work out what his present was and had to ask us "What is it?" - but at least he could still see then

Sadly, within months Pedro went completely blind.

Already in January, from what she had seen at the Christmas party, Ana Tere had begun trying to organise help for Pedro. She went first to the Lyons Club, who in 2003 had helped a couple of our children who had eye problems. She and Charo also contacted the National Health Service.

Early efforts bore no fruit. In April she had to leave for our project in Spain. Since May Ana Tere has been in frequent contact with Charo (the Trujillo project director) via SKYPE, WhatsApp and Viber. She also similarly contacted people in Government and medical establishment
who might take an interest in Pedro´s case.

Pedro lives with his mother and little sister in a "ranchero" (reed hut with plastic roof) not far from our Nuevo Jerusalen school. His mother helps out at the local market to support the family, leaving her children on their own when not at school. When Pedro´s medical history arrived it revealed the mother is on medication for AIDS, and that Pedro´s degenerative eye condition had begun in her womb, where he became HIV positive.
Pedro´s mother must accompany him to any official or medical consultations; but the poor woman, uneducated, inattentive and seeming to be ashamed to have to go where people will know her condition. She was a no-show at the first few appointments, wasting everyone´s time and making it impossible for Pedro to receive help.

Ana Tere and Charo worked out a procedure by which Charo or the social worker would collect Pedro and his sister in a taxi, take them to the market, there collar the mother: and the lot of them go to whatever appointment was lined up.

Charo, with Pedro´s medical records in hand, surprises his mother at the
market and together they set off for a medical appointment..
After making little progress with medical NGOs and the Ministry of Health we resorted to private medecine.
Knocking on doors to find help for Pedro.(July 2015)
When we eventually managed to get Pedro in front of specialists everything started to move forward; diagnosis, lab work: everyone trying to find a solution in time to get Pedro back into the world of the sighted before his eyes are too far gone to be restorable.
Pedro´s final diagnostic consultation (30 September 2015)
Then we found a specialist who believes one eye can still be saved by removing the cataracts and implanting a special lense - but it will have to be done ASAP!
With Dr. Velasquez - Oh happy day (27 November 2015)

We searched for a competent local surgeon who can operate on little Pedro, and soon. With fortune on our side, we found him: Dr. Jose Ticlia (IRO).

04 December 2015 with Dr.Ticla
[Will send a bulletin when Pedro has been to hospital and recovered from surgery]