REPORT OF ACTIVITIES, social workers Activity Report of Social Assistants April 1 to April 15, 2014 (Sent to Ana Teresa on 16 April 2014 )

Page 1 of 9 I ACTIVITY REPORT STUDENTS SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE : - Dalia Morales Arlyn Rosillo . - Katherine Flores Pizan Eliana.

MONTH: APRIL ACTIVITY REPORT PLACE: DELICIAS DATE: Friday April 4, 2014 ACTIVITIES : - We met with Mrs. Rosario in order to show us how to get to the place that is located in Delicias , also know the around it . - Went with Mrs. Rosario and Mr. Victoriano we collect to pictures to be hung to the atmosphere in the classroom. - We present you with the Rosa teacher and students , we also met the Students attending the morning. - We talk to Professor Rosa , we learn more about the schedules, the doing , and what could be done with students , activities . - Toured and met local spaces , infrastructure . - We hung the pictures in the classroom, we also observe what is missing to make ornaments or letters to acclimate the lounge , also perform mural.

PLACE: TRUJILLO ALTO DATE: Monday April 7, 2014 ACTIVITIES : - We meet with the teacher for her Vilma guide us how to reach the local , and to know the place and surroundings. - We talk to the teacher, we learn about what makes , their schedules and about their students, there are cases in the lounge. - We appeared before the students, who greeted us warmly. - Toured and met local spaces , also take note of what Missing for ornaments or letters to acclimate the classroom. - We review the record of the students having the teacher , which also informed us that he had 5 kids who did not have ID. MONTH: APRIL LOCATION: NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF TRUJILLO DATE: Tuesday April 8, 2014 ACTIVITIES : ? Counseling Pre- Professional Practices at the National University of Trujillo

PLACE: OFFICE OF THE ORGANISATION NGO BRUCE DATE: Wednesday April 9, 2014 ACTIVITIES : - Ms. Rosario inform that according to the curriculum we have for our pre -professional practice we are asked to take care of " something specific " to each of us (in this case would be one of the schools) for the realization of our respective reports, but all ways will work with 3 schools together ; It is only for presentation of our reports. - Agree the exact days on which we will visit each of the schools having the NGO ( Trujillo Alto , New Jerusalem and Las Delicias) . We produced a times . - We talked in general terms about the problems that each one schools ( students , parents , etc. . ) . - We ask item ( leaf color, duplex cardboard , thick duvets , etc. . ) to start with the atmosphere in the School of Trujillo Alto . - Accompany Ms. Rosario to the bookstore to buy the material needed for the school setting . KATHERINE MORALES ARLYN ROSILLO PIZAN FLORES

Schools in New Jerusalem School in Trujillo Alto MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Trujillo Alto Nvo . Trujillo Alto Nvo Jerusalem . Jerusalem, Las Delicias MONTH: APRIL LOCATION: NEW JERUSALEM DATE: Thursday April 10, 2014 ACTIVITIES : - We visited with Mrs. Rosario School New Jerusalem in order to to position ourselves so we can go days without other company. - Know the location and surroundings. Its infrastructure . - Ms. Rosario introduced us to Professor Helena Cruzado and we we presented to students at the school. - The teacher taught us the records of children who are going to school . - We visited another local who has designed for the school , as the current home is too small for conducting classes . - Ms. Rosario went to see the young John to do us a service we to pick up the dirt that was inside the new store , so you power I use . - Met the house where breakfast was prepared for students , look to the lady but was not .

PLACE: TRUJILLO ALTO DATE: Friday April 11, 2014 ACTIVITIES : - We arrived at the school, talk with the teacher about what we 're going to make today , also greeted the students. - We perform the respective cleaning an office space that will be for the implementation and development of what is needed for school. - Cleaned the tables , blackboards , chairs , folders, among other things found recorded . - We order the materials were stored , in addition to what was previously served was thrown away , and does not occupy much space on your site . - We order desks, blackboards and chairs , so that more office space .

PLACE: TRUJILLO ALTO DATE: Monday April 14, 2014 ACTIVITIES : - New formats for commitment tabs Act was designed and Record admission of students. - Record was designed for home visits to be held throughout the year to parents of students. - Cut the molds to make the sign of the house rules . - Cut and paste the letters go to the cartel. - Poster standards of living of the students was performed , with Mrs. Rosario materials purchased and acclimating well go the classroom .

PLACE: TRUJILLO ALTO DATE: Tuesday April 15, 2014 ACTIVITIES : - Developed and Formats tabs commitment document was updated and Listing Login Minor. - Minutes of commitment and Low Income Sheet is printed for the meeting with parents. - We got back to the tabs so they can be filled by parents of family who attended the meeting . - We appeared before parents , who were very happy to be able to spend all year with them , supporting them . - We explain what our work , which will take place throughout the year both children as parents , including lectures, workshops , visits home , among other activities that will be beneficial to them as well same we promoted the importance of their participation in these activities to be performed. All were interested and happy . - To parents attendance is on file. - Filling the Proceedings of Commitment parents was conducted. - It was agreed for the afternoon meeting with the teachers in the office organization.