Victoria at Bruce School
Walking Victoria home
from Bruce School
Victoria at home with mother Sofia
[a hovel without water or electricity]

Victoria's Mother, Sofia
2005 - Sofia at Bruce Peru teen rape shelter
Sofia's history
At Bruce centre Sofia was taught
literacy, sewing and knitting skills

In 2004, when Sofia was 13,
someone who was staying with her mother: raped her. Later, when her mother discovered Sofia was pregnant she pushed her out.
Having no other family in Trujillo,
Sofia found herself on the street.
There a community worker with the Bruce projects found her and
brought Sofia to the
Bruce compound in
Trujillo's city centre.

Victoria was born 2005.

Today Sofia earns a small living
knitting wool carpets and quilts
The fruits of her talent in hand,
Sofia anticipates the next sale.
Sofia is part of "Arriba Ya" a mothers cooperative founded & funded by Bruce