Preparing poor children for school
(who would never have been educated
had we not found them).
We teach them to read, write and maths Preparing children to enter school, children who have had little or no instruction, affection or discipline at home - extremely poor children, some of them feral: is a great challenge. When we first receive them and begin the long hard process of preparing them in the civilities of classroom etiquette, it is chaotic; thankless. We teach them foreign languages, especially English.
We teach them class discipline
We teach them how to participate in a class room
We teach them how to study together and help one another

But little by little we progress. The children are challenged, receive affection, learn to respond to discipline, develop an appetite for learning and achieving new things. By December many of them will be ready to be registered in school for the first time, and by the following April: to put on their new school uniforms and join their new classmates. There are times when, to our volunteers, it seems an impossible challenge; but when they stay long enough to see the result of their exertions. Little by little we are changing young lives, making it possible to them to get a chance to experience a normal life; to become productive members of society: to escape the enslavement of extreme poverty.

This year we hope to register and matriculate into school 130 children from the slums and hovels of the cities where we have our children's centres.

We give them one-on-one tutoring
We build confidence and reinforce self esteme
We teach them group sports and fair play