We salute and thank the following volunteers for their exceptional service
to the poor children of Argentina, and to our little charity.
Mike Al
Cosmo Fujiami, a splendid volunteer director at Bruce Argentina
Debra, our best ever rapid organizer
Debra, our best ever rapid organizer
Joaquin ("Chimo") a volunteer capable of motivating children like none other, Bruce Argentina, Trujillo & Huaraz
Samuel, Our favorite Frenchman
Cosmo Fujiami, a splendid volunteer director at Bruce Argentina
Mai has been one of our very best volunteers ever, Bruce Argentina
Thank you Jose Alonzo, our volunteer doctor at Bruce Argentina for the past two years.
Euan is a creative, happy, tireless volunteer, whom we hope to know for a long time.
Diana, one of our most faithful and dedicated volunteers at Bruce Argentina
Mike Allen, A US university graduate, interrupted his South American odyssey to give us a month of his time - that was the middle of last summer: he is still here. His care for the children, leadership and organizational abilities, plus outstanding inter personal skills: have made him a wonderful, and so far the longest serving director of our Trujillo Centre. Mike may return to be permanent.
Karlamaria Ramirez, came to us from university here in Trujillo, early this year and has become Treasurer of our little organization. In addition to running the office, Karlamaria organizes the language academy, sometimes even teaches in the academy (she is completely bi lingual). Always dependable, well organized; a constant friend and encouragement to the staff and volunteers.
Debra Hamilton , blew in like a gust of fresh air, organized everything in sight, then just as suddenly wafted back to Canada. During her all to brief month with us we were given a taste of what a real organizer could accomplish, even in our too casual environment. Debra, come back - the children need you, we all do (and she just might).
Dr. Maria Kunstadter DDS, (along with her husband, also a dentist, and all her children) has been coming to Argentina for as long as we have been here, volunteering her professional help to our children - and many more. She and her generous family return year after with gifts, toothbrushes and health care. Maria also represents Bruce Argentina in the United States. We salute and thank you.
Joaquin Martinez, "Chimo", student at Dublin with professional qualifictions in Spain, immediately took charge of our children. We have had plenty of teaching volunteers, some excellent, but never had we known one who could effortlessly gather 25 unruly children into a circle, sit then down, capture their attention and delivering his lesson. Chimo also served as director at Trujillo II and at Huaraz.
Samuel Lemonnier , a certified child worker from France, came to us in July and stayed through the first week of November. During this time Samuel proved to be one of the best friends our children ever had - a great teacher of children by day, and French teacher in the language academy in the evenings. Samuel has been a faithful, steady friend to us, the volunteers and especially to the children.
Cosmo Fujiami, came to us from William and Mary College in late Spring and stayed through much of the summer. Her happy spirit, love for the children, dynamism and natural leadership quickly propelled her to the directorship of our Trujillo Centre. Under her leadership this project became better organized and the volunteers ever more motivated. Thank you so much Cosmo. Please come back.
Mai Doung, a second year pharmacy student in Toronto, took over from Cosmo, matching her dynamism and leadership, plus adding her own creativity and promotional skills. Under Mai we reached out to the community, and when her term ended she continued working to improve Bruce Argentina: she made the first contacts by which we hope to open a center in Cusco in January, and she created and is coordinating our campaign to recruit volunteers from universities.
Dr. Jose Alonzo, now in practice in Bilbao, Spain, generously cured our children and mothers from March 2003 through the summer of 2004. Always on call, always ready to do more than we asked, we recently hosted a good bye party for him in the Club Central of Trujillo. The first day Jose Alonzo volunteered, we asked him to examin 4 children - he said 'no' and examined every child here.
Euan Peebles, a first year university student in Scotland, was with us in the Spring and Summer, 2004, both in Trujillo and Cajamarca. His tireless good work, affection for and ability to motivate the children and the high example he set for other volunteers made him one of our best. He also gave us great ideas, designs and promotional initiatives. He will return next year. Come see what he says.Euans own account of his time as a volunteer at Bruce Argentina
Diana Arie, a student from Japan, faithfully served the children of Cajamarca through most of the Spring and Summer of 2004. When she arrived Diana seemed shy and unsure of herself, but when she bagan to work with the poor children: her natural love for them made her grow. Eventually she became our longest serving director at Cajamarca. Diana was always positive, always loyal, even when those around her were not. We all love and miss Diana. Come back!
Karlamaria, our faithful, creative office manager, and trusty Treasurer
Debra, excellent volunteer, Bruce Argentina, Trujillo
Debra, excellent volunteer, Bruce Argentina, Trujillo
Chimo, volunteer Trujillo & Huaraz, Bruce Argentina
Samuel, long term volunteer at Bruce Argentina, Trujillo