No of openings
Description of work involved
Project Director
To manage one of our children's centers in Peru. Work includes directing other international and Peruvian volunteers and staff (invluding social workers, psychologist, cook, cleaning staff and chid minders and helpers)
Communications Director
To coordinate and manage all communications, promotions and relations between one of our childrens centers and the local community - includes designing and writing promotional material, press releases: distributing same and coordinatinf other volunteers to do the same. Devise, plan and manage events designed to inform the community of our work and to recruit community involvement in and contributions to our work. (long term commitment required )
To teach poor children in a wide range of subjects, including basic education and languages in our children's centers (options also include teaching: computers, sports, art, music, dance, theatre, hygene, group discipline, study methods, singing, creative writing) - also required to teach languages to poor adults in our evening language academies..
Social Worker
Must have experience and speak Spanish - (University students doing pre-professional practice also welcome) (long term commitment desired )
Must have experience and speak Spanish - (University students doing pre-professional practice also welcome) (long term commitment desired )
Child Minder
Supervising and minding poor children in their daily activities at our centers
International Project Developer
Help us improve our existing projects and develop new ones to help improve the lives of child laborers and get them into school; as well as improve our existing projects to help abandoned mothers and pregnant adolescents. (long term commitment desired )
Medical Professionals
4 - 6
Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Paramedics, Midwives - to deal with very poor children and mothers.
To help with the nutritional value of the menues we serve to the poor children who come to our centrs.
To oversee and participate in completion of the construction of our Delicias Shelter for abandoned pregnant adolescents.
Fundraiser 1 - 3 We need one here with us in Peru and up to two more to work from their home countries.
Internet Promoter
5 - 9
To register our domain on links sites, volunteer opportunities and lists, go into appropriate chat rooms and message boards; singing our song and spreading our message - recruiting volunteers to come to Peru and help the poorest children and mothers.
Email helpers
To send emails to their friends and contacts, and asking them to do the same: telling our story and inviting people to our web site.
People who will support our work and children in any way they are able.