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Among all the charities which receive international vols: Bruce Org is a rated NGO component.

Who qualifies? In particular: 4th year dental students from recognised dental colleges. In general: Anyone who is positive, works well with others, has something to contribute and possesses a natural affection for the people we are trying to help (poor children and abandoned mothers). Age, sex, race, religion and nationality make no difference. It helps if you know at least a few basic words in Spanish [we also provide free Spanish lessons]. Some volunteers bring their professional skills, dental or medical, Vets, engineers, ecologists, agronomists; but most of us come to teach & help very poor children or to assist their mothers to become financially independent. We seek people who are enthusiastic about helping our children & communities. The minimum term for a Dental Elective is one week (the average is 2 or 3 weeks and there is no limit to the number of weeks). We welcome your questions....nicole@bruceorg.org
Accomm. and food
Example of an Elective
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We offer our Dental Elective volunteers accommodation during their stay with us. We provide breakfast and also help organize daily lunch & dinner at a choice of two restaurants nearby the volunteer complex @ around $2 per meal. Volunteers have the use of the kitchen in the volunteer residence - if you want to fix a meal or a snack. We provide a translator, give free Spanish lessons, and most importantly provide the opportunity to participate in up to 6 hours per week day of intensive hands-on dental work in professional, public &/or field clinics.

Cost of
Dental Elective Volunteering
(in Sterling )

1 Week (Five dental days) - 325 Pounds [each person].. - ... 2 Weeks (Ten dental days) - 450 Pounds[each person] - 3 Weeks (Fifteen dental days) - 540 Pounds [each person]
4 Weeks
(Twenty dental days) - 620 Pounds
[each person]
There is no cost for applying to volunteer with us. We are self sustaining, everyone other than nationally licenced teachers, social workers, psychologists and service staff are volunteers and we do not rely on government or institutional support Your entire donation should be paid not less than 60 days before your arrival. Free tuition Spanish lessons with an affiliated Language Academy are available to our Dental Elective volunteers two afternoons..
How to Form a Dental Elective with classmates from your dental school
Get together at least two other fourth year dental students, one of you serve as the spokes person, choose a date to start, and each of you fill up an APPLICATION FORM Noting the date and spokes person of your desired elective. We will do the rest.

Present and past volunteers at
Bruce Organisation

(Note: in spite of the large number of volunteers who have served in our programs, we remain a small organization).
In fact we are all volunteers; doctors, dentists, three economists, lots of social workers, even more professional students (medicine, systems, education, psychology, communication, architecture), cooks, lots and lots of teachers, child minders, psychologists, attorneys, engineers, a biologist, nurses, musicians, artists and laborers. The longest time anyone has volunteered so far is two years. The list below includes former and current volunteers.
Check1New Zealand19
Denmark6Local People686
(Expat) Peru3Singapore2
Finland2South Africa2
India8 UAE
Indonesia1 U.S.A.284.
Ireland62 Venezuela2
Israel13 Wales
Italy12  Total .1,885
Useful Information Click HERE for useful information before coming to Peru
Finding out more  If you would like to speak to a current or ex dental elective volunteer of Bruce Organisation then please email us at: staff@volunteerlife.net and a volunteer will contact you. If you are interested in speaking to someone in particular eg male/female, a volunteer at a particular Bruce Organisation centre, particular nationality etc, please let us know in your email.