Sponsored by Bruce Thornton Charities (Agenda SOS International)
Paid for by Bruce Thornton Charities
In addition to building a roof for the Cuna Maternal of the Beneficencia, we also paid their water when they had not enough money (for their 165 poor children), and we often gave them fuel for their kitchen.

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Bruce Peru - Beneficencia Trujillo

May 2001
Restore part of an Shelter
collapsed February 20, 2001

On an ordinary day in February 2001 (in Peruvian summertime), this 160 square meter building was full of children aged three to nine. It was the end of the lunch break , a teacher called them to return to class, which they did. Ten minutes later the building collapsed, its 150 year old adobe walls had absorbed too much water, there was no money to repair the roof: miracle no children were killed. Now there is no money to rebuild the critically needed structure. Agenda Bruce has agreed to provide a temporary roof and restore the plumbing and interior facilities.

Here is the roof
we constructed for the Shelter.

Historical Commission refused temporary roof, so had to buid an expensive canope. Click images to enlarge

These are the children who were in the building that day in February (photos April 2001).