Volunteers helping street children in Cuzco
Bruce Peru Cusco - SOS Cusco
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Bryan, Director BruceCusco late 2006 through, early 2007
Linda, Director BruceCusco mid 2006
Emily, Director
early 2006
New Volunteer team for Bruce Peru Cusco Volunteer raffel buys clothes for Cusco children Our dedicated volunteers mounted a raffel on the streets of Cusco, which netted enough to buy new clothes for every child.
CUZCO IS A FUN PLACE TO START TO CHANGE THE WORLD Come take a virtual tour of CUZCO, The most popular tourist destination in Peru (also home to 14,000 Child Laborers). 
Photo album of Bruce Peru Cuzco (+ Cusco and historical Inca culture)
Bruce Peru's latest Center March 2005 - We are mourning the loss of Chris and Elizabeth - No, they haven't died: just completed their 6 months with us and moved on. Bruce Peru will never be the same again. Thank you so much Beth and Chris!
Their Observations on Bruce Peru Cusco
Bruce Peru's latest Center January 2005 - Our Centre in Cusco is off to a great start - already two satellite centres in the poor barrios. Here our volunteers decorate our headquarters entrance, not far from the Plaza de Armas.
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N News from all our Centres in Peru. This March we will matriculate 175 new students into school and continue to support over 100 whom we already have there.
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Bruce Peru children studying to be ready to enter school
Very poor children being prepared to enter school for the first time.We have given each centre a target of how many children we hope to prepare and register for school by this December. Trujillo is on target. Huaraz is optemistic.Waiting for word from Cajamarca and Malabrigo. Total: 130 children
Our "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN" icampaign s catching  on.
Our campaign: "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN!" is beginning to pick up momentum in centres where lots of international tourists are encountering Peru's child laborers on a daily basis.The object of the campaign is to recruit volunteers from the tourist population who visit Peru each year,
Peru National Fiesta, Bruce Peru Puquin, Cusco 2005
Peruvian National Day Fiesta. National Holiday we threw a lavish fiesta for our children, with gift bearing participants from the Duke of Edinburugh Trust.
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New Volunteer team for Bruce Peru Cusco Volunteer team for Bruce Cusco 2005. Led by Rachael, from headquarters staff, they are from left to Right: Rachael, Noeme and Lenhard. Soon to be joined by five more volunteers.
Volunteer Bruce Peru Cusco Here our first Cusco directors, Chris & Elizabeth Saunders approach original San Sebastian Satellite Centre, led by the Governor of San Sebastian Provence. Econ. Rolandon Castro Chambi, who is hosting one of our two Cusco projects..
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Volunteer Bruce Peru Cusco This is how we help the very poorest children of Cuzco to become better nourished, clothed, medicated and most importantly: educated.
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Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce Peru Celebrating the work of recent volunteers. Our program is beeing led by a team of talented dedicated fun volunteers.
Street children need  help...... Street kids,
..........They come to us
..........as they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need direction......ready for school