This will be the view from the Delicias Shelter
Las Delicias Shelter (‘the Project’) Scroll down to read text
In Peru it is not uncommon for women to raise 5 or more children., each with a different biological father. What is also common is for the mother’s latest companion to rape the eldest daughters, often resulting in pregnancy.

One expects a reaction from the mother, but not the sort of reaction that is so evident here in Peru. As a result of the rape the mother feels shamed and jealous and abandons her own daughter who is often without the comfort of additonal family members for support and understanding. These abandoned, pregnant, adolescent rape victims (‘adolescents’), often only thirteen or fourteen years old face a dull future. They are without money; support; homes and job prospects. Most worrying of all, they are carrying an unborn baby, who will enter a world where education will not be available to them and their options for a self-sustainable life non-existent. It is not uncommon for such desperate girls to drift into prostitution and drugs; further blighting their lives and potential to contribute to society

Our mission: To save as many of these girls and their unborn children as we can, to prepare them for and steer them into a richer more productive life than they could have known without this project.
To achieve this we must complete the construction of our facility "Albergue Las Delicias". To date we own the property, 912 square meters of secondry beach front (approx. value $4,500), and we must raise another $130,000 to errect the walled shelter including all its facilities. Heretofore, in nearly forty years of providing :relief and social development projects, mostly in underdeveloped countries, we have relied on our own resources; but in the current economic climate our income stream is inadequate to fund more than the programs to which we are already committed. So when we recognized the urgent need to do something to help these desparate girls, and discovered that there is no facility in the north of Peru where we could send them, we determined to build our own; and to ask our friends and theirs’ to help us fund the construction (the operating expenses we will manage on our own).
So what will happen for these girls when they come to our shelter:
They will stay a minimum of 6 months (depending on the stage of their pregnancy on arrival); a couple of the best will stay on as resident staff, and as examples for others.
All will receive:
1 – Shelter, food, clothing; 3 – Work skills training (machine sewing, handicrafts, cleaning and housework, cullinary arts, child care)
2 – Medical, dental, psycological attention;

4 – While they are with us we, along with the professional staff (psychologists, social workers), will prepare them to be responsible mothers. Those who prove unsuitable or simply refuse to assume the responsibility of motherhood will be helped to place their infants in a reputable Shelter.

Note: We have already been doing some of the above in our present facilities (including our mothers clubs); providing medical, dental and psychological care, giving clothes and nurition to abandoned pregnant adolescents. But since we do not offer a closed shelter with programs dedicated exclusively to them, they do not stay with us for very long. And when we find them them again they are usually on drugs and in the hands of a pimp. In 2002 we took in one such who is mentally ill, sheltered and provided for her for three months, delivered the child ourselves; and with her cooperation and that of her mother (who refused to raise the child), we placed the baby boy in a respectable orphage – see
To raise the money required to build the Las Delicias shelter we have divided the construction into four phases. Below is a discription and the price of each phase, and below that are the architects drawings and the technical information pertaining to each phase.
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complete plan $65,961.00
front view
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 1 - Outside wall and main gate $6,000.00*
( adobe walls, reinforced concrete gate frames, steel and wood gates) * This amount is to complete Phase 1, approximately 15% is already built).
Phase 2 - First floor of administration building, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office and first residence $18,454.00
(reinforced pillars and roof -also to serve as floor when the next level is added in Phase 5)
Phase 4
Phase 3 - four residents, bathroom $6,337.00
(adobe walls, cement floors, roofs of local materials, wooden doors, standard windows, electricity) capacity: up to 16 girls.
Phase 4 - four residents, bathroom $6,337.00
(adobe walls, cement floors, roofs of local materials, wooden doors, standard windows, electricity) capacity: up to 16 girls.
Phase 5
Phase 6
Phase 5 - second floor of administration building, general purpose congregation, entertainment, education room, staff housing, bathroom $15,471.00
(reinforced concrete pillars and roof, adobe interior walls, bathroom, staircase, steel ralilings)
Phase 6 - three workshop, training halls, patios and garden $11,762.00 (adobe walls, cement floors, roofs of local materials, wooden doors, standard windows, electricity - patio of cement tiles)
Note: The infrastructure of electricity, plumbing and waste disposal is spread among
the phases, with the most basic parts included in Phase 2. The overall cost also includes $1,600.00 for Archectural and engineering supervision.
Phase 3