Bruce Peru:
'Grabage Patch Kids'
How to save them, get them educated
"El Milagro"
Name for the land fill where the garbage of more than a million people is dumped & picked over.
Bruce Peru educated children living at the dump 2005 - We started visiting the children (and their mothers) who work each day picking through the city's garbage in order to find something edible or wearable or sellable. They tie rags around their faces to keep out the toxic fumes. ....................At home Incawasi
...Most have skin & respiratory alements. Some sleep right on the rotting garbage. It is warmer than sleeping on the ground...
Bruce Peru Cajamarca 02.04

December - ; Standing on the highest mound of refuse, Bruce makes our pitch to several huindred garbage patch kids and their mothers. It works. They agree to join us in school...... PS80081Incawasi
The nearest state school has already been placed on alert, so we race over there smelling as we do, with the intent of gaining a contract with the school director for the use of one class room. The director, after 15 years, is delighted to receive these kids.
Sealing the deal. The school director, local social worker meet with Rosa Ascoy, our Director of Education and faithful Charo.A deal is struck, and we get our class............First Students Incawasi
Within a week we are all set up and began to receive our first children from the garbage piles. They arrived all scrubbed, some accompanied by their moms: ready to start learning. We are teaching them and attending to their needs. It's a start.