At the age of 18 in a summer job following his first year at university Bruce participated in an expitamental project to place minimally retarded people in menial jobs. It went well, so well he was made placement supervisor, Then, when it was time to return to university he was promoted to Assistant Director of the charity. He transferred to night school and his career was sealed.


For over 40 years Bruce Thornton, on behalf of Agenda S.O.S. International(originally 'SOS International'), has mounted humanitarian projects both independently and in collaboration with other NGOs - usually in aid of needy children.
1976 - 82 Orphanage, Grenoble, France Terre des Hommes - (Suisse) - http://www.tdh-geneve.ch/index-ge.htm - Dr. Kaiser, Founder and Chairman


1978 - 90 Sent our " Mercy Ships" with food, medicine, tools and volunteers to famin stricken countries, namely in East Africa


1976 -98 Sent clothes and contributions to orphanages. In association with: SOS International
Childrens Villages
(S O S - K i n d e r d o r f .I n t l. ) - Austria, Panama, Nicaragua, Beliz, Guatamala -


1980 - 87 Provided shelter and a new life for homeless people - opened the second Emaus House in America, 1985 In association with: RP de l'Abbe Pierré - (France, Spain, Netherlands, Abudabe, America) http://emmaus-international.org/

Note: The photos presented on this page all depict Bruce Thornton, however not all of them were taken at the time or in the context indicated by the text.













Where I've been, where I am and where I'm going to

1983 - 87 Clothes, medicine and financial aid to the poorest of the poor in India. In association with: Missionaries of Charity - (England, India) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missionaries_of_Charity - (St.) Mother Therese of Calcutta. Brothers Missionaries of Charity - (England) - http://www.mcbrothers.org/ - Brother Andrew, co-founder, Calcutta, India
"Les Restos du Coeur". The original idea was that everyone would be welcome and those who were able to pay would do so, those who could not ( people living on the street) would be served equally well but leave without paying. Restaurant de Couer went bankrupt in its first year. That was when our founder first became involved, helping in the resurection of 1986

1983 - 93 Aid and assistance to wives and children of the poorest prisoners. In association with: Prison Fellowship International - (France, Germany, Spain, Latin America & Africa) - http://www.pfi.org/ - Ron Nichols, President, Reston, Virginia, US


1985 - 86 Provided the primary relief to Ciudad Guzman, Mexico, a city of 90 thousand which was 60% distroyed in the 1985 earthquake. http://www.tourbymexico.com/jalisco/guzman/guzman.htm


1985 - 1996 Provided shelter and assistance to refugees. In association with: ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission) - Switzerland, France, Africa, Eastern Europe - http://www.icmc.net/docs/es/ - M. Wroy, Director of Information, Geneve, Switzerland


1996 -2000 Sponsored single mothers who took in street children from cities in Latin America. - http://sosmall.net/sosport/


2001 - Founded Bruce Perú