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A Pilot Project involving Bruce Peru
and the Ministry of Education, Peru

A public school in Palmeras, where we had filled a whole class with first graders - made up or urchins we had found and prepared during the summer months (fed, taught literacy, medicated, loved and disciplined) - then paid their registration, uniforms and school materials; have invited us back to use a part of their school for our Shanty School project (teaching children who were too poor, abandoned or abused to get into school when they were young enough - now they are too old). So far the school is cooperating fully, and our class is full. We are considering working in this way with other schools who have invited us to run our project in their schools.

Las Palmeras, Alta Esperanza, Trujillo

Public School No. "CEN 82071/A1-P-EPM"

Zane (our co-director), Milagros (our Social Worker) The Public School's Head Teacher, and Manuela (our teacher).

Our students at the Palmeras Public School