Home..Children of Porvenir who entered 02.2005
For several this was the first photo ever taken of them.
Moms agreed to let their children study instead of work, Abandoned kids turned up on their own. We borrowed a vacant house..
No electricity or water: sunlight and water buckets .
We brought in furniture, highered a teacher, bussed in volunteer assistants and social workers..
We provided lunch, some clothes, counselling and some medical services. With progress came books and book bags.
These are the children accepted into public school.
And this is the day we registered them. Those who did not qualify yet would stay another term with us. We will go on teaching kids who don.t get in for up to 2 years.
This is the day we gave them their first school uniforms
This is when we begin to negotiate with whatever family the children have, start getting them to be responsible. Two years later they'll be buying the

childrens uniforms.
We had to place half the children in one school, half in another; because nobody had these children in their records as likely to be attending school - so there was not room for all of them in the nearby state school.

Club Meetings
Every month or six weeks for the next two years, with cooperation from the schools, our staff and volunteers have been visiting the children in their schools, Bruce Peru Club meetings. With the school's cooperation we bring the children together for a meeting, game playing, refreshments (sometimes a clown or musician accompanies our staff and volunteers). A social worker checks on the childrens progress at school and life at home. It reinforces children who have no family support or live in abusive homes.
Below are photos from the last Bruce Peru Club meeting
at one of the two state schools, held 23 May 2007.