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Our Programs and Projects in 2004
Restaurant Corazon
A program begun in 2001 (as a continuation of a French program of which our founder was a member) with the mission of providing below cost meals to poor people and free meals to street children.
Majon University.Com
Began as an online virtual webmaster university in France in the late '90s, and migrated to Latin America, opening virtual learning centers for street children and affordable language academys for people of limited means.
Arriba Ya!
A project begun in 2003 in Trujillo, to help poor and labouring children get an education. Still in its pilot stage, if successful, the intention is to make Arriba Ya ! a national program.
Albergue St. Nicole
Begun in 2002 in the small beach community of Delicias, with the mission of providing the only shelter for abandoned adolescent rape victims in the north of Peru. The shelter is under construction, and it is hoped will be ready to begin receiving victims in the third quarter of 2004, and if cot complete in time we hope to be able to open at our city center campus..
Begun in 2001 in Trujillo, with the mission of doing everything necessary to improve the plight of poor Peruvian women; the program, with a little more development, has national implications.
Bruce Peru Cajamarca
We opened our first satelite center for street children in the picturesque Andean city of Cajamarca in MArch 2004. Within a month it was serving 40 street children and child laborers.
Bruce Peru Huaraz . Will be a duplicate of the Cajamarca center, only in the city opf Huaraz - scheduled to open in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2004.
Bruce Peru Cusco
Also a duplicate of the Cajamarca center, is scheduled to open in Cusco 2004