after 1500 years of the same technology -
giving the underrepresented representation
a game for keeps

A powerful minority of the people on Earth believe they possess an inalienable right to blow potentially lethal holes in their fellows; or at the least to possess about their persons devices capable of so doing. With many that right, to be potentially lethal, comprises an important pillar upon which their, and their father's, patriotism was founded. And some cleave so tightly to this legal right that it has become an inviolable tenet of their holy faith. Such people are not likely to take kindly to an alien technology which threatens to relegate their cherished devices to obsolescence.
For this reason therefore we think it prudent to say in this public forum only that the procedures and technologies we employ are mostly available in the public domain.
Imagine people responsible for law enforcement having to subdue a malefactor, and being able to do it silently, with little or no struggle or pain to the one being subdued. Even if given to violent behavior there are no obvious violent acts which the officer could initiate using our device. Also it produces no known sustainable negative effects on the one being subdued.
Up until now in this little scenario the officer has used a device which depends on known technology. Our proprietary art is employed when the the officer [equally a combatant on a battlefield] must control his prisoner in a pacified state.
This is accomplished through imposing temporary memory deprivation. An instant and total interruption renders the prisoner incapable of continuing thoughts and actions he engaged in immediately prior to his apprehension: incapable of sustaining or reproducing such thoughts or actions until the procedure is reversed by his captor.