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Sandra Smith - 2002/2003
Bruce is very supportive all the way through. He is very busy keeping the project going and is often working all hours. My timetable is an example of what you could do, it doesnít mean that you should do the same. On arrival I set up the English classroom and this was my base. Bruce bought pens and paper and card etc.. I suggest that when you arrive take a while to settle in an get to know everyone first, I m sure Bruce will suggest this too. Once you feel comfortable everything will fall into place, and you will develop your own rhythm. Good luck. Peru is a beautiful and diverse country. I traveled for a month and it would take hours for me to tell you all about the things I saw. So travelling is easy and a must, buy a good guide, i.e footprints, Peru handbook.

My focus at Bruce Peru was teaching and I never forgot to remind myself this, I got to know and love the children, I was always aware that I would be leaving them. My main aim daily was to give them a little happiness and fun, knowing that what I was doing was not going to make the changes that they desperately need i.e. a decent government. I was at Bruce Peru for 3 1/2 months. I consider myself to be a very adaptable person and, touch wood, I have not had a problem at readjusting; but that goes without saying that I am looking at things in a different way. I feel I have been enriched and generously taught; humility, kindness and above all generosity: things that Iím sure now will not change

Regards Sandra