how our peru volunteer project works   Documentaries of 2 children: LUIS / JORDAN
We go into the poorest communities where :the highest concentrations of out-of-school children can be found: and we recruit them. When we have enough, we either open our own school or else gain the use of a classroom in a local state school: and there we begin the rehabilitation and education of these children.
1 - Teams of social workers, community leaders and sometimes volunteers go out into the barrios looking for child laborers and semi abandoned children. They recruit them, meet their mothers, generally spread our message throughout the community..
2 - When we have enough children we begin to hold community meetings with the children, families and community mmbers.We explain our mission - to get these children help and education: and we ask for the parents and communities to cooperate.
3 - With the acquiesce of the children, moral support of the families and local community: we begin classes for the children.
4 - In the summer months - when school is out - we work with children who are young enough to put in the first grade(children who would not have gone to school had we not found them). And when it is time for school to start they are well prepared; we pay their registrations, uniforms etc. (always trying to get the families to participate as much as possible)..Our success rate at getting these children into school is 100%; at keeping them there for the first year: 93%.
5 - During the regular school year we recruit and teach children who missed their opportunity to get into school when they were young enough to enter first of second grade; and now it is too late for them: children aged from 8 to 18, many illiterate or nearly so. Of these children many can be brought up to the level of education required to get into regular school at or near to the grade they should be in, had they been going to school all these years. Our success rate at this is 60%. Of the 40% who do not get into school during the first year, half will get in later, and the rest we will continue to educate ourselves.
6 - Once we have gotten children into state school, we continue to work with them; visiting at least once a month to hold a club meeting, at which we give prizes for attendance and grades, play games, provide refreshments, and the social workers help.
Volunteers recruit Peruvian street children
Volunteer brings street kid to eat
1 -Meeting and interviewing child labourers
2 - Receiving them in our school(s)
nourishing meal for poor boy
Street children eat for free
3 - Summer programme
preparing school entry children
happy to learn
getting him ready for school
4 - 5 - Intensive learning: so they can catch up with children - to enter school at their proper grade level.
6 - Club meeting with children we entered into state school a year earlier (usually there is a clown too)