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Volunteer Peru
Cajamarca, Trujillo,Cusco)  



The number of children participating in this program on a daily basis in our city center facility ranges from 80 to 300.













Nicole D‘Amecourt

Latin America has more street children , percapita, than any place on earth. In our time in Peru we have befriended and are helping
a growing number of these poor desparate young people. And as we get to know them we first try to reintegrate them back into their natural families (when families can be located); for this certainly is the ideal solution to their desparate existance. It usually requires lots of work by our social workers and psychologists to help disfunctional or abusive parents to become functional; but when this is impossible and therefore unfair to the children to force them to return to their natural parents: we provide these children education, food and clothing until we can we can get them into safe shelters in the region (often involving going to court against the abusive parent/s).These shelters include Hogar San Jose, Hogar De Cristo, Hogar De Esperanza and Aldea Infantil De Santa Rosa. We do this work under the name of "Albergue Nicole D´Amecourt" (named in honor of someone who has worked with us for over 25 years and whose tireless generosity has helped needy children in many parts of the world).
Getting education for the children in this program is our highest priority. With this in mind we are developing, with the help of a Swiss education researcher, a learning system which specializes on the particular abilities, limitations and level of intelligence of each street child - we are calling our system "Specialissimus", which is Latin for both 'highly specialized' and 'more than special'.














We housed street children and orphans from 2001 through early 2003, and since have concentrated on:
This method of education is broadly based on the Montessori and Steiner systems. When we have gained the child's confidence and obedience we work personally with him or her to encourage positive aptitudes and talents; we will develop specialized mini curricula,( within the overall curriculum), designed to strengthen a particular child's abilities, confident and self esteem..