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Bruce Peru
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SEPT 2009 - Anders (Andy) Schneider - after serving as a really gifted volunteer with Bruce Organisation,Trujillo, during June, July and August.- returned to Massachusetts and ran a marathon for us Andy managed to raise over $4,000 for the "Trujillo Textbook Project".Bravo and thank you Andy.
2009 - TRANS AMERICA TREK - Started: Nov 2008 / 2 Philathropic adventurers set out from Canada on a 20 country .transcontinental trek to raise funds for our projects.- Bruce Organisation is one of them. CLICK
JAN 2009 - INCA RIDE: - 2000 miles in the saddle, calling at several Andean countries over a number of months, to raise funds for 2 charities - Bruce Organisation is one of them.
Aug 2008 The Crazy Roads Tour .This one is on bikes - for charities incl:- Bruce Organisation
June, 28 2008 -Gavin Molloy -Co-ordinator of Bruce Kids,and his team, hold this year´s ¨Sports Day¨
June 2008 - Cycling for Street Kids -Fiona pedals from London to Brighton to raise funds for Street Kids
June 2008 - Three Peaks Challenge -A team put together by Kier Build Hull, UK, attempt to climb the three highest peaks in the uk within 24 hours (Ben Nevis - Scafell Pike - Snowdon).
June 2008 - Kim´s Uniform Fund - This dear ex volunteer and workmates are trying to uniform 134 kids.
June 2008 - Nature´s Elegance Jewelry show for the poor children of Latin America
May 2008 - Spectrum/Kanes Hill/Haberdasher´s/International Madrid & Charlton Schools honored 4 gifts
April 2008 - International School, Madrid, students hold bake sale to help poor children of Peru.
November 2007 - Gavin sends Bruce Peru the ¨Sports Day¨ fund raising (we start www.brucekids.org)
August 2007 - Ecuadorian band holds gig in support of Bruce project in Quito
July 2007 - Megan Hayden & mother Martha again bring large bags of clothes for all our children.
April/May/June 2007 -The Band Humanzee, played 3 benefit concerts for Bruce Ecuador
April 2007 - Teen Pilot seeks fulfilment in Peru [Kemper´s Story]
March 2007 - CONCERT for the children of Peru - 08 & 09 May 2007 [Perform For Peace III Spectrum]
December 2006 - MY SPACE by Drew ( A buddng rock star gives us a web site on My Space- thanks.)
October 2006 - Gavin Molloy sends Bruce Peru the result of his 2006 ¨Sports Day¨ fund raising project.
September 2006 - SLIDE SHOW from our Lima Centre. for our programme to educate children.
June 2006 - BANNED GIG in the UK raised 1,500 Pounds Sterling for our programme to educate children.
2006 - Generous Volunteers Remembered - The list is long - if we forgot anyone, please let us know.
Dec. 31 - 2005 --"ROMANCE" a rising band in the US has offered to sing a gig for us - Listen
Dec. -15 - Sasha Chavkin reported that Peru fails to convict child sex abusers - Full Story
Dec.r 1 - 2005 - Anna's Band "The SESSION" play a Gig for Bruce Peru & here's the Poster Click
Nov. 5 - 2005 - Larry Stewart sent us his "Peru Show" - It's great, (type in: larrystewart to play it)
Oct.20 - 2005 - An article in a bi-lingual Magazine about our children and our work by Rachel Williams
Aug. 23 - 2005 - Gavin presents Bruce Peru Trujillo a check from "Sports Day", sponsors 1 large school
June 24 - 2005 - Our weekly volunteer meeting at Trujillo (here are about half those present) all centres do this
June 22 - 2005 - Marth Hayden & daughter Megan bring 20 large bags of winter clothes for all our children
June 16 - 2005 - Emma Davies & Ethan Veneklasen delivered clothes for Lima, Huaraz & Trujillo
May 1 - 2005 - Jules ran the Sheffield Half Marathon (UK) to raise funds for Bruce Peru. finish Line Foto
April 6 - 2005 - Bruce had to explain in detail our work and answer insightful & difficult questions in order to persuade a large organization in Lima to consider donating used furniture to our Satellite Centres.