volunteering to  make Street children PC literate
Marianne and Jack Murray are an active, world-traveling couple, who now live in retirement in Vancouver, Washington.
In 1976/77 Marinne was an early volunteer with SOS International (now agendsos.com). She made an effective and lasting contrubution to our mission back then. Marianne now writes us, on the 40th anniversry of that experience, to remind us of the good times we had together trying to make a difference. Also to thank us - as we do her - for those happy days.
Marianne Murray, Added 08 October 2016. Dear Bruce. My experience with S.O.S. International, in 1976/77, occurred early in my careed (I was 22), it was positive and I carried it with me throughout these years. Over time I hve been assigned in South America, Africa, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo and Saudi Arabia. My days and activities were always informed by that experience with you and SOS International in those halsion days in Lausanne, Switzerland. From retirement I send these words to express my limitless thanks and endless apprecition.
Bart Van Eyk . Added 21 October 2014. Dear Bruce, Very nice to hear from you. We also have fond memories of our time in Peru. And it eventually lead to a career change for me and I am grateful for your trust and for given me that opportunity. Marjolijn and I are doing well and are now happily married and have a daughter and a son. Where are you based now and how is Bruce Peru doing? Greetings also to Ana Tere, Bart
Bart (now Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Musoni") Musoni is a breakthrough award wining next generation
system of micro financial economic development for poor countries (currently being implemented in Africa)

Bart directed our ArribaYa MF project in Peru, Marjolijn taught in our Trujillo schools, both during 2008.
Zoe Rutherford (Has aplied to volunteer with us in the future.) Her reasons for wanting
to volunteer especially in our projects, however, inspired us: so
we'd like to share them.
Zoe Rutherford . Added 07 October 2013. "All children have the right to a fun, warm, safe childhood, and when children do not experience such, I believe that it is the duty of others to intervene and provide such a childhood for them. As I read on your homepage, Bruce said "Or how we should face ourselves at the hour of our death confessing we did nothing". When I am older and weaker, I want to be able to look back at my life and know that I made a positive impact on at least a few childrens lives. This is why I am very interested in working with Bruce Peru". Read more: http://bruceperu.org/zoe.html
Alexandra Briels (now "in a position of responsibility with SPOTIFY, Amsterdam, Netherlands")
served with Bruce Peru in Trujillo 3 months, from– August 2010.
Thomas Briels . Added 11 December 2012. Dear people of the Bruce Organisation, Our daughter Alexandra Briels volunteered in august 2010 the Trujillo Team in Peru. Partly due to this period she became who she is right now. As her (proud) parents we like to make a small donation to the Bruce Organisation to show our appreciation. (Instead of sending Christmas Gifts to our business clients...) Please let us know the bank account number we can use from The Netherlands. We looked at the Bruce website: http://bruceperu.org/funds2peru.html
APPARENTLY WE ARE A FUN DESTINATION - William, from Somerset, UK, was with us in early 2010.
William Patrick Guest . Added 11.November.2012 Hey there My name is Will. I came and worked with Bruce Peru for a month a couple of years ago and had a great time. Coming back this December but this time unfortunately only for a shorter trip to Trujillo for some surf and winter sun, It was a really nice crowd of people at Bruce when I was there so I thought id buzz you and see whether anyone was around and fancied hanging out for a drink on the weekend or something. (out of working hours and off bruce premises of course) Hope all going good with you Br William Guest
Richard Pawson (now "Consulting | Finance Advisory Deloitte MCS Limited" London)
served with Bruce Peru in Trujillo February – May 2009.
Richard Pawson . Added 27 January 2012. How are things in Trujillo? How many/which schools do you have open? I hope there are a steady stream of willing and able volunteers still flooding through your doors, I have recommended your organisation to a number of friends and I hope to be sending some your way in the near future. As the snow/rain falls in central London and I find myself working every waking hour, I look back with a warm heart on the time I spent with Bruce Peru and the wonderful people that are involved in the organisation.
Jo Broughton and everything she did for our projects and children serves as a benchmark for everything which has
succeeded her in Peru & Ecuador. Jo volunteered with us for all of 2007. Since early 2008 Jo has been Director of
Communications at CARE International (a worldwide NGO). Here is a video Jo shot in Q Ecuador: http://dld.bz/DVut
Josephine Broughton . Added 03.January.2011 [Paraphrased] This is to let you know what a wonderful experience it was, volunteering with Bruce Organisation. I was planning on being there from 3-6 months, but I loved it so much I stayed for a year, during which time I was responsible for Communications, helped start the Arriba Ya project and ended up as Director of Bruce Ecuador. My experiences with Bruce Peru and Bruce Ecuador helped qualify me a dream job; which I landed upon return to the UK: working for CARE International, a job which I'm still doing and really love. I cannot overstate how great this experience has been, my life was turned around from working in an unfulfilled office job to having a year of amazing memories and a new career working for an amazing NGO.
Becca was an effective, enthusiastic and fun director of our Cusco projects during part of 2009.
Rebecca Todd . 28 December 2010 - Hi Bruce & Ana Tere. I think about los ninos everyday! I have their beautiful smiles all over my bedroom wall. I really miss everyone there. I'd love to go back some day. Thanks again for the opportunity - it was an incredible experience. I have sent the kids in Cusco some Christmas presents. I am organising a BrucePeru reunion in London next week. Cheers, Becca
Corey has been an inspirational volunteer who came to us fresh from receiving his masters degree in biology.
We look forward to flowing his promising career. (Corey's the tall American in photos of Trujnillo 2010 Christmas party)
Corey Shake. 24 December 2010 -This is a good chance to express my gratitude. Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of the Bruce school children's lives and education. While occasionally and delightfully I saw the spark of learning in their eyes, I admit it was probably I who learned more. I know that what I learned there will help me help others like them in the future. Also, thanks for meeting with me to enhance my understanding of the situation there and providing a little inspiration. Finally, Feliz Navidad and prospero Ano Nuevo. Saludos, Corey
Conny, was an enthusiastic, vibrant and talented volunteer from South Africa (who normally lives in Europe) - with us 2007

Conny Baumann. 18 December 2010 - Dear Bruce and Ana Tere, I often, almost every day, think of my children at Nuevo Jersulam. Wonder how they are, if they are still in school. I absolutely loved working there. How rewarding, to see thier faces the first time they used paint, watching them grow as individuals and learn more every day. They came in as a very difficult bunch, having to learn the code for school, listening, responding and ended thier year better behaved and more interactive than their peers in classrooms. The parents were amazing and very supportive. I wish we could have done more for the mothers. Maybe another time. Thank you once again, it is an experience I would love to repeat in a few years once my children are older and I can escape for a while. Or perhaps bring them along. I would love them to have the opportunity to play alongside the reality of life. Happy Christmas to you both All my love Conny

Added October 2010 - From November 2009 through August 2010 Jean-Francois> Canada, the US and the entire length of Latin America "The Trans-America Trek" to: (in general) raise awareness of the plight of street kids in the Americas, and (in particular) raise awareness of our small part in helping to educate and stimulate these children in Peru and Latin America
Jean-Francois Chapman . 21 September 2010 - I must say it was an amazing trip. and once again, thank you so much for the great welcome the Bruce Org gave me. Iaian was an excellent host, the staff was awesome, and the volunteers brilliant. It was great to see first hand the amazing work that is being done by the Bruce Org in trujillo, and I have no doubt all the same around South America. Cheers JF Chapman [ http://www.transamericatrek.org/ ]
Mike was a gifted project director with us in Trujillo, then did the prep for our opening in Cusco - 2004

Mike Allen . 09 August 2010 - Bruce & Ana Tere, It is good to hear from you! I think of everyone in Peru often and fondly. My work with Bruce Peru was really the launch of my career and I continue to work in the humanitarian field. Shortly after returning to the US I began working with an organization providing wheelchairs and mobility equipment to children and adults in developing nations. I started from the bottom and since have developed my own programs within the organization to help build a more sustainable program in Indonesia. Currently I am running a program that locally manufacturers wheelchairs, trains physical therapists on the skill of wheelchair services and advocates to the government on disability rights. You can find our work at: http://www.ucpwfh.org/ourprogram/indonesia.php
I hope you continue to do the work that you do! Mike Allen []

Wisam, did an exemplary Dental Elective with us in Trujillo (he covered for his 3 colleagues who could not make it).
Wisam Sarsam . 12 August 2010 - Hi Iain, Just wanna say thanks for the last 2 weeks. its been a pleasure to be a part of Bruce Peru even though for a short period. will definitely recommend Trujillo to my sister and colleagues who are planning thier electives this year. please forward my regards to the team, in spanish ;) thx wizz."
Mari Sawai, served as a volunteer with us inn 2003
From Lauren Berg MA LPA. 15 July 2010 - I'm delighted to hear that the organisation has developed enormously since the time I was there. I wish you all the best in the future, and thank you again! Best wishes Mari
[Mari is under consideration for the post of Associate Economic Affairs Officer with the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) of the United Nations Secretariat.]
Felicia volunteered in centres in Peru and Ecuador 2006/7.
From Felicia Perricelli. 13 January 2010 - Bruce and Ana Tere! such a blessing to receive your words, and Im always thankful to be in your minds. You and the project are always with me, and I think of you fondly and often. Im keeping up on the info online, and rrreeeally enjoy the videos- its been a great way to share the essence of the project's energy with family and friends. Im still looking for the right opportunity to detach myself from life in Canada and join you for some time in Peru. xo Feliciato.
Adam, from Australia, volunteered for 6 weeks starting in mid October
From Adam Smith. 09 December 2009 - I really enjoyed my experience working with the children in Ciudad de Dios in trujillo. I will now work in Australia as a psychologist and i want to work specifically with youth. The experience that I had with the children was very valuable and has inspired me to keep working with young disadvantaged people..
Helen Osborn, Preparing her year abroad - a volunteer with Bruce Peru in Trujillo last year.
From Louise Brinton. 29 October 2009 - I volunteered with Bruce last summer for a month in Trujillo, and it was quite easily the best experience of my life, I learn't so much even just in a month. I am doing a degree in Hispanic studies specializing in Latin America, and so going back to Trujillo would be perfect for my year abroad. After working for Bruce I now completely understand the huge importance of education for these children and want to continue to help them get the eductaion they deserve and are entitled to.
Mother of long term Israeli/American volunteer (she will volunteer too)
From Lauren Berg MA LPA. 07 October 2009 You run an amazing program and you have been wonderful to my son. He has told me several times that your organization is badly in need of contributions and Bruce, he values your dedication. So do I.
Louise, with National Institutes of Health, USA, she and her daughter organised a shoe project, Lima/Cusco.
From Louise Brinton. 01 October 2009 -We think your organization is a great one and hope that we can continue to support it in some way.- Louise
British Student, served 5 months until June 2009
From Rebecca Todd. 15 September 2009 I've just got back home after a year away & so wanted to say hi & see how it's all going? If there's anything I can help with please don't hesitate to give me a shout! Please say a massive thanks to everyone involved- it was the best time of my life! If you speak to Bruce/Ana Tere please could you give them my best regards & say thanks for everything! I really miss everyone & especially all the kids! Are they all ok?!
Bart, an American, runs a community development project in which one of our schools is located.
From Bart Hisgen. 09 September 2009 This morning I walked into one of the classrooms and witnessed something simply wonderful. The volunteers were sitting with the students going over their letters. There were 4 young girls with their hands tracing the letter "p" in their notebooks and saying "papa, padre, personas". I learned the volunteers arrive early to do this, before classes start. This is the caliber of people with whom we are privileged to serve. What a gift BrucePeru is in the Kumamoto/Ciudad de Dios community. Thanks many times over. -- Paz y Bien, Bart Hisgen
Australian Dental Nurse who served July 2009
From L.Schell. Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience i had working as a volunteer with
Bruce Peru. I had a great time and met some lovely people along the way. It was very rewarding for me.
Economist who served in Micro Development Project,
From Daniel Risman-Jones - 01 July 2009 ....(Deniel served as a Masters Intern, Summer 2008)
Hope all is well down in Peru. The summer I spent down in Peru was one of the most exciting and inspiring summers of my life. .
Finnish volunteer soon after arrival at Bruce Peru, (Late Spring 2009)
From A. Cantell Hi! We have safely arrived in Trujillo, and the first days have been amazing! I absolutely love the city and the people here, (especially the children:).
U.S. Volunteer (Late of Wall Street) at Bruce Peru Trujillo, (Spring 2009)
From Gregg Bell - 21 April 2009
Bruce, I want to tell you that my experience with Bruce Peru so far has exceeded my expectations. The impact of our work, which is made possible by you is very tangible and effective.
Current British Volunteer at Bruce Peru
From Becca, 16 January 2009 - England- (between Cusco - where she rose to Director - & Trujillo) -
Hola! Just emailing to say thanks for setting us up in Cusco! We are having an amazing time, the other volunteers are so lovely and have really helped us to settle in! The children are brilliant, we are really enjoying getting stuck into to all the different types of bruce peru work and we are loving the culture, people and scenery in Cusco! Todo esta bien! Tomorrow i have my 1st football coaching session and our 1st english class so i´m really excited! Hopefully we will see you at some point during our stay! muchas gracias Becca
Volunteer Trujillo Autumn 2007, Director Cusco winter - Spring 2008
From Ivett, Hungary- 15 January 2009
My dearest very well organized and dedicated people, i am soo happy and thankful that those schools are opening in bolivia. telling the truth if somewhere, there need your generousity and help big time!!! i d love to get involved in anything where u need enthusiasm and some work.... at this very moment i am working in england to create some financial backround so when i will return to latin maerica i will not worry about these sort of things. i try to generate some money as well, so it could be something that cusco can constantly count on. the goal is a bit high, but if we do not aim for something a bit higher than our opportunity we will stuck in mud. so lets fligh high, and hope that our plan all come true. all the miracles are coming in our ways as you can experience.... congratulations again, and million thanks for all the good wishes. as i have sorted my life a bit i will let you know when i can return. have a brilliant day, besos, ivett
Volunteer project director Bruce Peru (Spring, Summer 2008)
From Isabela, Dublin - 15 January 2009
Dear Bruce and Ana Te, I am very happy to receive your email - it brings all my good memories and time of my life which i had iat Bruce Peru. I am very pleased to hear about new schools in Bolivia. And teiss little sweeties in the photos which you have attached - i cant stop looking at them :). And please take care of yourself and Ana Te (that is your job as well) My best, best regards, Izabela - from very cold & rainy Dublin,
Volunteer at Bruce Peru (Spring), Director Bruce Ecuador (Summer 2008)
From Viktoria, London - 21 December 2008
Dear Bruce and Ana Tere, I wish you a wonderful Christmas full of joy and peace and all the best in the New Year
to you and all the Bruce team. Hope you are well. I am thinking of Ecuador and Peru every day! take care, Viktoria
Volunteer we will be glad to receive again
From Stephan Gnahoe, France- 5 SEPT 2008
Hi Bruce, How are you? My name is Stephane Gnahore, I'm French, I used to volunteer for Bruce Peru almost 3 years ago, for many months. That experience really marked me. And I've been recently thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life and it appears to me quite clearly that I want to get more involved with the cause of children and education. Thats why I was wondering if you had some long term missions you would need a hand with, maybe some help to open up some new school in a new country? anything really. I would be greateful to help me turning my life around by working again with Bruce. I would like to be there everyday and try to help without having of thinking I have to go back home in 3,6,10 .months Anyway, I hope everything makes sense more or less to you and I hope to hear from you soon. Best regards to Ana Teresa.
Volunteer who just got home
From Trice Haxell, New South Wales- 7 Feb 2008
Dear Bruce Organisation
I am writing to thank you for a wonderful experience with Bruce Peru , I had such a wonderful time, learning so much from the other volunteers and children. Now that I am home I am wanting to do something for the children of Bruce Peru, I was hoping to send over a package to the Cuzco organisation, as this is where I worked from and I was able to see just how desperate they are). I was also writing to inquire about the possibliity of supporting a child through Bruce Peru.
housing, let me know where I can be of help. Thanks very very much Regards,
Katrice Haxell
Half British, Half Spanish - Marcos makes a strong positive impact wherever he goes.
From Marcos Cortes, Spain - 20 January 2008
It was a great pleasure and experience working with you and all those beautiful children. I often think of you all and the great work that you are doing for so many people.
A volunteer from Canada, we are looking forward to seeing again.
From Suzanne Sinclair - 30 November 2007
Hi Bruce and Ana Tere! Please tell me Ana Tere, that you are recovering to the fullest! I am been praying often for your recovery. I must say, that after a year and a half of being home, Peru and the children are never far from my mind. I miss Bruce Peru tremedously -and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the amazing devotion you both have towards the underprivelleged of the world. If only there were more of you!
I treasure my memories of Brue Peru and am anxiously awaiting a time when I can return. I am planning to save the money I will earn this year from playing in the Kingston Symphony to come back to Peru
Three Glasgow University Dental Students complete their Electives as Volunteers witrh Bruce Organisation in Peru
June and July 2007, when we were with you in Trujillo, seems so long ago now. Since then we have undertaken the rather monstrous task of writing up and submitting our elective report to the examiners in the dental school, and were rewarded with an A for our efforts. Unsurprisingly, we were very happy with this, and we owe all of it to you wonderful folk at Bruce Peru for accomodating us and our dental project in your operation in Trujillo. Without your organisation of dental clinics for us to work in, none of this would ever have got off the ground. Thanks so much. I expect you will probably have been bombarded with emails from more dental students from Glasgow in the last couple of weeks about elective projects next summer, and some of the blame for this lies squarely at our door as we gave a presentation to the current 4th year about our project, and needless to say it was very well received! I hope you agree its a good thing for our younger peers to be wanting to come and offer help to the people of Trujillo. Anyhow, please find attached to this email our final elective project write up. The entire report's a bit of a monster, so we've broken it up into the elective proper (attached to this email), and the appendices, which will come on the next one.
Thanks once again
Ruaridh Dall, Anne Johnson, Nyla Abraham

Exit Interviews
(taken on Volunteer's last day
in our Trujillo centre - end 2006).

3 months, France
2 months,
1 month -
1 month,
1 month -
2 months,
New Zealand

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Dr. Thomas & Barbara Bloom
, (US)Retired Universit Professors. Tom engineered and supervised construction on the Delicias shelter, Barb served as volunteer co-ordinator.

Adam and Rachael
, (UK) served very well in Trujillo and Cusco

Chris & Elizabeth Saunders
, (US)served as directors of Huaraz, and as founding directors, Cusco
The Saunders made great improvements at Bruce Peru.

Haley Durham
, (UK)served as our lead volunteer before Cusco opened, then as a regular volunteer

Marc Appell
, (Can)served as a really positivel volunteer in Huaraz.

Euan Peebles, (Scot)served as an exceptional volunteer in Cajamarca and Trujillo.

John Loveday, (UK)was such an inspirational worker for the children that he was voted by his fellows and supervisors as the best volunteer they had ever worked with.

Sandra Smith, (UK)who arrived jus as we were setting up our volunteer program in South America. Sandra was our first there, our first English teacher for the children and helped open the Language Academy for adults. Her good example was the inspiration that started our international volunteer program.

Messages from
More Volunteers
Caryn Oloson , USA
Nov. 2006 [Cusco]
Liv Amdam,. Norway
Oct. 2006 [Panama]
Linda James, UK
Oct 2006 [Trujillo & Cusco]
Dr Jerry Hillingsworth US
Oct. 2006, [Lima]
Dr. Sharon Craig, Au
Oct. 2006 [Trujillo & Lima]
Lacy Holocker, USA
Oct. 2006, [Chiclayo]
Lucy Greaves, UK
Sept. 2006 [Huaraz]
Mikael Mangold, Sweeden
2006 [Truj, Chicl, Panama]